VELOS Suite: A leading global secretarial solution for managing corporate compliance.
Manage company secretarial work the easy way.
Take control of important entity compliance information through a secure platform.
A single, centralised and highly secure platform allows you to efficiently view, track and disseminate all of your vital entity information.
VELOS Corporate Administration
All around the world, professionals in business and corporate sectors are using our innovative solution and discovering a simplified and centralised way to manage their day-to-day activities. Thanks to a host of entity management and corporate compliance functions, a large range of major legal, trust, auditing and specialist providers have all made VELOS Suite their preferred Corporate Administration software.


Velos Corporate Administration
As a leading, global software programme, VELOS Suite offers a full range of entity management, corporate governance and company secretarial services to users worldwide, giving them the edge to efficiently and securely handle all entity data – both legal and individual. Thanks to an industry-best centralised platform, maintaining accuracy of all entity data - and the ensured timeliness of filing and meeting deadlines - becomes a simplified and automatic process.
Velos Anti-money Laundering
iSPIRAL Anti-money Laundering / KYC is an automated risk evaluation software for rating the risk of potential or existing clients. Some of the parameters that is taking into consideration include; customer circumstances, business type, whether is PEP, source of funds, purpose of transactions, expected type of transactions and many more. Our software is for organizing and managing your Compliance Department and for giving an automated risk rating to your new or existing clients based on more than 40 parameters given by CySec, SELK, CYBAR.
Trusted partners of VELOS Software
VELOS Suite is the preferred software programme for a wide range of businesses around the world, and we are proud to be able to provide a solution for all company ranges, from major global names, to smaller firms that are enabled to grow thanks to the software.