A Simplified Solution

  • Simplified and fully-comprehensive programme

  • Centralised and streamlined database system  

  • Replaces multiple conventional methods

  • Advanced entity management features


Accuracy and Timeliness

  • Ensures accuracy by removing the risk of errors, duplications and lost data.

  • Tracks compliance due dates and sets alerts for their deadlines.

  • Provides instant confirmation of entity compliance.


Better Accessibility

  • Retains all entity information (both legal and individual) in one centralised database that offers easy and quick access to all information.

  • Simple sharing function for increased transparency.

  • 24/7 updating of any entity information (such as officers, directors, and formation), as well as the function to require approval to changes.

  • Easily and quickly retrieve records through a powerful search capability.

  • Store all historical documents with the relevant entity record for a permanent and chronological record.

  • Manage system from a central office while allowing access to other offices to input and retrieve data.


Powerful Customisation

  • Fully customisable system.

  • Create your own document templates, custom workflows and configurable fields.

  • Flexibility to organise and view fields the way you want to see them.

  • Assign companies to partners and staff, and display multiple owners through footnotes.

  • Offers the ability to change of colour and fonts for varying criteria.

  • Offers the ability to modify display shapes for different entity types.

  • Quickly and easily track entities and generate exportable reports on entity ownership, officers, directors and stakeholders.


Seamless Transition

  • Seamless data migration by experienced technicians.

  • Full and ongoing training with initial guidance and monthly webinars.

  • Live and and comprehensive support from friendly experts via phone.