The successful implementation of Velos Suite is based on a customer’s ability to use the software adeptly in order to gain its maximum benefits. We fully appreciate that learning how to use a new software programme can sometimes seem overwhelming or time consuming, and as such, we offer a comprehensive, step-by-step and hands-on training schedule that will have you familiarised with the new system in no time. This includes initial training, supported by ongoing training through webinars as needed.


Types of Training

End User Training – An in-depth one-day training session that covers the entire programme and its functions: entry, creation, modification and maintenance of corporate data. Customers will quickly gain an understanding of the system and how to utilise it to its full, including the integration of existing data into the new system.

Implementation Training – This intensive one-day overview training session is aimed at Project Managers and primary users; those who will be implementing Velos across the company. During the session, trainees will learn how to use the software through navigational techniques, along with how to customise the programme through specific parameters required in their particular field.

Advanced Training – End users who have firstly completed their initial training and implemented Velos across their business will then benefit from advanced training, whereby they can expand their knowledge of the software further, including advanced searching techniques, exporting functions and creating a document library to manage corporate forms, reports, and documents.

Browse Training – Aimed at those who will use Velos to view corporate information, but do not require the in-depth knowledge required to implement the programme, browse training will provide the tools to quickly and easily navigate through Velos. Through the session, trainees will learn about the functions for viewing corporate information, contractual records banking and signatory records, intellectual property, security management and group charts.

New Release Training – As Velos progresses, and new releases are available, all customers will be offered further training sessions where they will be updated on any new additions and modifications made to the software. These training sessions will be held online, and can be attended remotely, with a number of different training dates and times – which will be announced with each release.

Technical Administration – Designed for administrators and those who will maintain system security, end user management and system management, this training session will focus on how to assign designated access levels for end users, alongside a brief overview of Velos navigation.